Here’s what people just like you have to say about their experiences at Rochester Physical Therapy Wellness:


“John Borden was instrumental in helping me recover from a shoulder injury and return to competitive tennis.

He has an amazing ability to zero in on the true cause of the pain instead of treating symptoms.

I thought I would never be able to serve again.  After two appointments with John, I was serving at full strength with no pain.”



“I am writing to tell you how much the Reflexercise™ and AAT™ techniques have helped me!  John introduced me to both and has kept encouraging me to practice them regularly.

He has been treating me for the results of a serious automobile accident, which occurred in 2001, and left me unable to use my right foot correctly for walking — the ankle was fused.  That ended up creating back problems.  I also had complete knee replacement surgery in the fall and have needed help with that issue.  More importantly, John has been treating me for PTSD, which is the result of living many years in an abusive marriage.  I have multiple physical and emotional problems and pain which are being addressed and corrected when I practice the two techniques.

I will use my walking as an example.  Until recently, I was walking stooped over in pain and using ski poles for support.  My balance was poor to say the least!  I was also walking incorrectly as far as hip movement and gait were concerned.  Since my car accident, no one had ever addressed these issues adequately.  Since I began working with John, I have given up the ski poles, moved to one walking stick and now no support most of the time — and I am standing up much straighter!

Last evening I attended a philharmonic concert in a large theater with sloping aisles and for the first time since my accident, I was able to move smoothly through the crowd and maneuver the rather steep incline with no problems!  Four month ago, if anyone had told me such a thing was possible, I would not have believed them!

I feel like I could write a book about all of the changes that have occurred in my physical and emotional being since I began working with John Borden!”



“EFFECTIVE, UNIQUE, INDIVIDUALIZED, and CARING – these words best describe the physical therapy experience with John Borden, PT.”

“As patients, we have very different needs but both feel real improvement from working with John. Tim has dealt with many physical therapists and chiropractors over the years because his problems started 40+ years ago. The AAT™ therapy has transformed him:

  • His balance is improved
  • His pain is reduced
  • His outlook is hopeful.

John Borden’s methods have built trust. Tim will now follow his instructions without skepticism. Since John’s treatments are unique and very effective, feeling safe enough to participate in them is vital. Tim’s overall improvement is a walking testimonial to John’s effectiveness and skill.

Dennie’s problems developed four years ago and had become so acute that invasive surgery was scheduled. During those years, she was treated by several physical therapists, an orthopedist and a chiropractor. Each practitioner did their best, but the results were the same – severe pain and many restrictions. They all told her that surgery was the only answer and the neurosurgeon concurred. As fate would have it, surgery had to be postponed due to the illness of a family member. Dennie chose to try physical therapy once more but this time with John Borden.

Her pain is now dramatically reduced and she has no more cumbersome restrictions. The AAT™ approach has created a new life for Dennie and things are still improving. There is no surgery in her future!

We cannot state clearly enough – there is an enormous difference in physical therapists and their methods. John Borden and his approaches are superior to any either of us has ever experienced.”

T. D.