Chronic Pain and Human Performance Specialists John Borden, PT, AATci & Cindy Makasziw, PT 

Welcome to Rochester Physical Therapy Wellness!


At Rochester Physical Therapy Wellness, our goal is for you to feel well, from the inside out.  


We provide physical therapy services that focus on the many of you who have suffered from chronic pain and illness for years and may have forgotten what it's like to actually feel good.  At Rochester Physical Therapy Wellness, we aim to change that. We provide advanced training techniques along with on-going research that go hand-in-hand with old-fashioned values of the patient first and foremost as a guide for individualized treatment.  

Utilizing our specialized techniques, we work to create a balance within the nervous system that will create an environment within the body where healing and a better quality of life can occur.  You deserve to both feel well and be well.